Oklahoma : 31 Earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 2.5 to 4.0 in the last 7 days

Well, this can’t be good.

I’d jump on the ‘fracking’ bandwagon if I knew enough. For sake of arguments, let’s say it is because of it. The idiots won’t stop till there is a major catastrophe. At which point those companies should be broken down, thrown in jail and fine so heavily that it’ll take them 15 lifetimes to pay it back.

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Earth Watch Report  –  Earthquakes

 photo Oklahoma-31EQinlast7days03262014_zps97b72426.png

31 earthquakes in map area

  1. M 2.7 – 6km SSW of Langston, Oklahoma

     2014-03-26 09:24:20 UTC-05:005.0 km

  2. M 2.6 – 31km WSW of McAlester, Oklahoma

     2014-03-25 15:52:17 UTC-05:005.0 km

  3. M 3.4 – 12km NW of Edmond, Oklahoma

     2014-03-25 09:01:19 UTC-05:006.1 km

  4. M 2.8 – 4km NNW of Stroud, Oklahoma

     2014-03-24 18:32:46 UTC-05:007.8 km

  5. M 2.7 – 10km E of Medford, Oklahoma

     2014-03-24 10:39:59 UTC-05:005.0 km

  6. M 2.5 – 21km SSE of Medford, Oklahoma

     2014-03-22 22:37:23 UTC-05:005.0 km

  7. M 3.3 – 11km ENE of Medford, Oklahoma

     2014-03-22 14:42:11 UTC-05:005.0 km

  8. M 2.9 – 14km SSE of Medford, Oklahoma

     2014-03-22 14:30:12 UTC-05:005.0 km

  9. M 3.0 – 19km SSE of Medford, Oklahoma

     2014-03-22 14:15:54 UTC-05:005.0 km

  10. M 2.5 – 7km SSW of Langston, Oklahoma

     2014-03-22 13:40:44 UTC-05:005.0 km

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