Opt out of PRISM

So me, always being on the lookout for websites doing doing bad things without you asking, can’t help but run into the Prism Break website.  They left out something important….labeling the columns!  The first column is the category, the second column are the programs/software that is currently being used to track your activities and the third column are suggested replacements.  Below is just the Web Browser category from their site.

Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program. Stop reporting your online activities to the American government with these free alternatives to proprietary software.

Web browser

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

As a side not, it is usually recommended to use the TOR Browser Bundle over the TOR button.

I realize that the vast majority of people couldn’t be bothered to learn all ‘this stuff’ but that’s what those doing the tracking are banking on.  At least use some of the options listed there, especially for the browser plugins.



About DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!
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