Free education (Update)

We now live in an era where education is free…..for the privileged few.  According to  , a whole whopping 34% of the world has Internet Access.

June 30, 2012
World Regions

( 2012 Est.)

Internet Users
Dec. 31, 2000

Internet Users
Latest Data

(% Population)


Users %
of Table

Africa 1,073,380,925 4,514,400 167,335,676 15.6 % 3,606.7 % 7.0 %
Asia 3,922,066,987 114,304,000 1,076,681,059 27.5 % 841.9 % 44.8 %
Europe 820,918,446 105,096,093 518,512,109 63.2 % 393.4 % 21.5 %
Middle East 223,608,203 3,284,800 90,000,455 40.2 % 2,639.9 % 3.7 %
North America 348,280,154 108,096,800 273,785,413 78.6 % 153.3 % 11.4 %
Latin America / Caribbean 593,688,638 18,068,919 254,915,745 42.9 % 1,310.8 % 10.6 %
Oceania / Australia 35,903,569 7,620,480 24,287,919 67.6 % 218.7 % 1.0 %
WORLD TOTAL 7,017,846,922 360,985,492 2,405,518,376 34.3 % 566.4 % 100.0 %

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Sure, this will grow over time but I fear it will lead to a rather large gap in development in the countries that are already technically behind already.  I’m not saying that every country HAS to have it but the option should be there for those who wish to change their lives.

On the plus side, by the time those countries do get reasonable internet access, the amount of free education will be insane, if not complete.  Here are some of the most awesome sites I have found that have worked hard to bring free lessons, even University-grade level lessons, to be open and free.


This has to be one of the best places I know for the amount of work and free lessons here that start at the ground level lessons like “1 + 1” and work up to “The Convolution of Laplace Transform”(Whatever the hell that is!).  There is more than just mathematics here but math is a relative easy one to track linearly in complexity.  There are video lessons for each skill that provide excellent examples and guidance.  Please give the site a visit.

Cousera is one of the many places to get University-level programs for free.  Currently none-are accredited but this may change.  Still, how cool is it to learn anything from Guitar Lessons to Computational Neuroscience?  For free.  All taught by professors are varying universities.

I’m sure there are a lot more sites than these two, but these are the biggest ones I know and they are pretty good.  It’s a good starting point and there are more than enough lessons in these two sites alone, to keep someone busy for many, many years.


Heh, the funny thing about this post was that the reason I created it never actually made it into the post.  I saw this image and thought, wow, I should write something about that.  Well, here’s the image.



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  1. Roja says:

    Wait what? Reddit has a university :O

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