Wow….that took forever for someone to really start saying this.


Hacktivist groups like Anonymous or, more broadly, groups like Wikileaks may cause big problems for institutions and companies, but overall they’re good for us and good for the internet, said Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab.

Joichi_Ito_Headshot_2007Ito likened these groups and the challenges they pose to innoculating a young child against illness. If you protect him so stringently against germs to keep him from getting sick, you can bet he will get really sick at some point. But if you let him “eat dirt” and expose him to lots of things he’ll be a healthier child, Ito said during a BBC World Service event held at MIT and broadcast live on Thursday.

The specter of groups like Anonymous lurking…

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  1. Barry Kort says:

    Here is the comprehensive audiocast, transcript, and community commentary from Thursday’s event at the MIT Media Lab, featuring Joi Ito in a discussion hosted by the BBC’s Razia Iqbal for World Have Your Say.

    MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito On Internet And Democracy

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